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Have you ever listened to a monument? Thanks to a collaboration with the electro musician Thylacine, the Palace of Versailles can now be listened, danced and even sung! Let’s take a look back at this project which links music and heritage and allows you to see – or rather hear – a monument in a particularly original way.

The sounds of Versailles captured by Thylacine

Last summer the Palace of Versailles opened its doors to the electro musician Thylacine. During an immersion of one day and three nights in the palace, the musician recorded the “sounds” of Versailles: the mechanism of clocks, the tinkling of chandeliers, the cracking of floors, the yawning of doors, the creaking of locks. This sound heritage, remixed, gave birth to the title Versailles, an original musical work.

A remix by Jaffna

A few months later the group Jaffna produced a remix of this track. Jaffna is the meeting of two friends: Bravin and Stan. The first one is a classical pianist of Sri Lankan origin, the second was a chef with a passion for music. Together they discovered electric composition.

At the invitation of the palace, the clip of this remix was recorded one night in January 2020. A moment combining music and heritage that I had the pleasure to attend.

A night at Versailles

Here are some souvenir pictures of that night in the Versailles Palace…

Recording of the videoclip of Jaffna at the Palace of Versailles
Recording of the Jaffna’s videoclip at the Versailles Palace
A night in the Versailles Palace - Hall of Mirrors
Versailles’s Hall of Mirrors

A few glances at the ceilings…

Thanks a lot to the Versailles teams and especially to Thomas, Mathilde and Camille for this nice moment.

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