After a day’s work, it’s not just bars, restaurants or cinemas open in the evening in Paris: there are also museums! Most Parisian museums have late night openings where you can enjoy a relaxed cultural evening.

Visiting a museum in the evening also offers several advantages: it has a lot of charm, it’s often quieter than during the day because attendance is lower and sometimes the prices are cheaper.

You will find in this article the exhaustive and updated list of the late night opening hours in Paris museums and monuments in 2020, classified by day. This list includes places that are open at least until 8pm with closing hours, but beware that the ticket offices often close 30 or even 60 minutes before the museum, so anticipate your visit to make sure you have time to enjoy your visit.

Some opening hours may vary depending on the exhibitions in progress. As a precaution, I recommend that you consult the museum’s website before going there. Do not hesitate to inform me of any schedule change or forgotten museum, I will be happy to update this list.

Museums open (almost) every night in Paris

While most museums have only one night opening day per week, others are open almost every night:

Arc de Triomphe, monument in Paris by night
Arc-de-Triomphe, by Petr Kovalenkov / Shutterstock

Museums open in the evening on Monday in Paris

Museums open in the evening on Tuesday in Paris

Museums open in the evening on Wednesdays in Paris

opening hours of museums in Paris by night
The Louvre Museum at night

Museums open in the evening on Thursdays in Paris

Museums open at night in Paris
Orsay museum by Marshal / Shutterstock

Museums open in the evening on Friday in Paris

Late night opening hours in paris museums
Petit Palais, Paris fine arts museum

Museums open in the evening on Saturdays in Paris

Museums open in the evening on Sunday in Paris

Centre Pompidou by night
Centre Pompidou by night – by Charles Leonard / Shutterstock

Good night-time deals (free museums or reduced rates)

There are certain advantages to going to museums at night! Not only is the attendance often lower, which allows you to enjoy the exhibitions in better conditions, but some establishments also offer some good deals…

At the Louvre Museum, for example, access is free for the night on the first Saturday of each month (by reservation). And if you hold a Friends of the Louvre card, you can invite the person of your choice on Wednesday and Friday evenings.

At the Arts et Métiers museum, during Friday night, the permanent collections are accessible free of charge from 6pm.

Of course, the museums which are free during the day are also free in the evening. You can thus discover without paying a cent the Shoah Memorial, the Frac Île-de-France, the Lafayette Anticipation Foundation and the Maif Social Club.

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Late night opening hours in paris museums and monuments

Have a pleasant visit!

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