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At what time of the year should you visit Athens? Where to stay? How to get around in Athens? What are the best things to do there? In which restaurants should you go? Here are some tips for your travel to Athens!

What is the best time of the year to go to Athens?

Athens is a city where it can get very (too) hot in the summer. Therefore, it is best to visit it between October and May to enjoy a better climate unless you can stand the heat.

Fleeing the high season also allows you to avoid the cruise ships that sometimes dock massively and can quickly invade the historical sites penalizing the comfort of the visit. In addition, some tourist sites such as the Acropolis or certain museums increase their rates in high season. It is thus more interesting to leave in off-peak period especially as the winter in Greece is very mild, the thermometer rarely goes below 10°!

Prepare a trip to Athens
The Parthenon

Getting around in Athens

The tourist centre is quite concentrated and can easily be reached on foot but Athens is a very large city so if you want to go and discover other areas it will be essential to use a means of transport.

Three metro lines serve Athens but the network is not very developed. Tickets operate by duration: €1.40 for 90 minutes; €4.50 per day.

A good alternative more pleasant to see the city and no more expensive if you travel in a group is the taxi. There are plenty of them, just download The Beat application to book a taxi directly from your smartphone. Recognizable by its yellow color it arrives in just a few minutes. It’s very useful It’s also a good solution to get from the airport to the city center if you arrive at night because the metro only runs until midnight.

Where to stay in Athens?

Choose an accommodation in the historical centre (Plaka district) to fully enjoy your stay. Most of the ancient sites are within a 20-minute walk so it is ideal to stay in this area.

I highly recommend the hotel In[n]Athens. This small cocoon bears its name well: it is located in the hypercentre a few steps away from the ancient sites. The rooms have been imagined with great taste, using a mixture of wood, stone and metal. You immediately feel at home here!

As for breakfast, it’s a treat! Beyond the “standard” dishes that you usually find (pastries, fruits, fresh juices, cereals…) you also have the possibility to order different dishes (pancakes, bagels, eggs…) proposed without extra charge.

What do we eat in Athens?

To eat on the go the “souvlaki” is a sandwich composed of pieces of grilled meat and vegetables. It’s very good, it only costs a few euros and you can find it everywhere.

However, it would be a shame to stay in Athens without taking the time to go to some good restaurants. I was very pleasantly surprised by the succulent gastronomy: you absolutely must try the tzatziki, the moussaka, the tarama or the famous Greek salad! Find a selection of restaurants in my article 3 restaurants in Athens to discover Greek gastronomy.

Best restaurants in Athens
Cookoovaya restaurant

Visit Athens

Of course in Athens you should visit historical places like the acropolis or the agora. Some museums are also must-sees such as the Acropolis Museum or the Cycladic Art Museum.

You will find a compilation of the must-see visits in this city guide: 10 best things to do in Athens.

For an optimal visiting experience you can afford the services of a private guide who will explain the rich history of the city. Athens Insiders offers traditional tours, themed tours around the culinary world or an orientation tour as well as family-friendly tours in the form of a treasure hunt.

Alternative Athens is another structure that offers thematic guided tours in French or English from an original and friendly angle with prices ranging from €35 to 100 depending on the formula.

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You now know everything you need to go to Athens in the best conditions! To prepare your trip you can also consult the websites Discover Greece and This Is Athens.

Have a nice trip!

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Tips for traveling to Athens
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