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The year 2021 does not start in the best way for the cultural sector, which has already been at a standstill for more than 100 days. Yet museums are only waiting for one thing: to welcome their public back. A vast program has already been announced for 2021: more than 160 exhibitions are planned in Paris!

While waiting – with impatience – to be able to visit the museums again, we can already look at the program of art exhibitions and draw up a list of those that we would like to see as a priority. Here is my selection of the 10 most awaited art exhibitions of the year in Paris.

François Auguste Biard, traveling painter, at the Victor Hugo House

This first retrospective exhibition devoted to François Auguste Biard (1799-1882) will bring together 80 artworks of the artist. The opportunity to (re)discover a painter with multiple facets, a great traveler capable of representing great landscapes as well as genre scenes, but also marine painting and history painting.

Upon authorization to reopen – April 11, 2021

François Biard, Magdalena Bay
François Biard, Magdalena Bay (detail)

Eugène Atget, See Paris, at the Henri Cartier Bresson Foundation

The Henri Cartier Bresson Foundation pays tribute to Eugène Atget (1857-1927), a pioneer of photography, by presenting an exhibition in collaboration with the Carnavalet Museum which holds more than 9,000 prints of the photographer.

We will be able to see pictures of old Paris that today have a documentary character but which also allow us to discover the sensitivity of the photographer.

Upon authorization to reopen – April 25, 2021

Let’s eat! The meal, a whole art, in Sèvres, City of Ceramics

The City of Ceramics invites us on a gourmet journey with this exhibition that retraces the history of the gastronomic meal of the French from Antiquity to the present day. The opportunity to show the evolution of this practice but also to recall the importance of the gastronomic meal present in all the great events of life. An ode to conviviality and sharing!

Upon authorization to reopen – June 6, 2021

The 10 most awaited art exhibitions in Paris in 2021 1

Magritte / Renoir, surrealism in the sun, at the Orangery Museum

In this exhibition, the Orangery Museum intends to confront Magritte’s works with those of Auguste Renoir who inspired him. In the midst of the Second World War, Magritte, seeing the end of the conflict approaching, saw himself as a prophet of happiness and launched himself into a solar style until 1947, which he nicknamed his “Renoir period”.

Upon authorization to reopen – June 21, 2021

Divas, from Umm Kalthoum to Dalida, at the Arab World Institute

The Arab World Institute is preparing to celebrate the history and legacy of the greatest women artists of Arab music and cinema of the 20th century. The tour, which will be enriched with period photographs, film excerpts, posters, stage dresses … promises an exciting exhibition.

March 3 – July 25, 2021

The 10 most awaited art exhibitions in Paris in 2021 2

Women painters, 1780-1830, birth of a battle, at the Luxembourg museum

The Luxembourg museum will focus on the struggle of women between 1780 and 1830 for the right to education, to a public existence and to make a place for themselves in the art market. The exhibition will feature a selection of 19th century women artists who were active in the changes in the artistic world.

March 3 – July 4, 2021

Exposition Peintres femmes, au musée du Luxembourg
Presumed portrait of Madame Soustras lacing her slipper, Marie-Denis Villers, 1802 (detail)

They make the abstraction, at the Pompidou Center

The 10 most awaited art exhibitions in Paris in 2021 3
Saloua Raouda Choucair, « Fractional Module », 1947 – 1951, (détail) © Saleh Barakat Gallery

Another exhibition that pays tribute to women at the Pompidou Center which aims to write the history of women artists’ contributions to abstraction. No less than 500 works by 106 artists will be on display and will allow visitors to (re)discover the work of artists sometimes unjustly eclipsed from the history of art.

May 5 – August 23, 2021

The Morozov collection, icons of modern art, at the Louis Vuitton Foundation

The new major exhibition of the Louis Vuitton Foundation will bring together, for the first time outside Russia, more than 200 masterpieces from the Morozov brothers’ collection of French and Russian modern art. It will be an opportunity to discover major works by Van Gogh, Renoir, Monet, Picasso, Céazanne, Gauguin…

May 12 – October 10, 2021

Chagall, Modiglioani, Soutine… Paris for school, 1905-1940, at the Art and History of Judaism museum

The term “Paris school” does not so much designate a school or a specific style as it brings together a large panel of artists, mostly foreign, who had Paris as their residence in the 20th century. Among them: artists from all over Europe, America and Asia and many Jewish artists who came to Paris in search of a free context, favorable to the development of their art. Among them: Zadkine, Soutine, Chagall, Modigliani and many others. A generation arrived in Paris between 1904 and 1914 to which the Museum of Art and History of Judaism will devote an exhibition.

June 3 – October 31, 2021

The 10 most awaited art exhibitions in Paris in 2021 4
Amedeo Modigliani, Black hair, 1918

MoMA’s photographic masterpieces, the Thomas Walther Collection, at the Jeu de Paume museum

For the first time, the Museum of Modern Art in New York will present outside its walls about 230 images from the collection of Swiss artist Thomas Walther, acquired by the New York Museum in 2001 and 2016. This exhibition, which will be on display at the Jeu de Paume museum, will show the works of some one hundred photographers who contributed to the invention of modernity in photography, from Berenice Abbott to Karl Blossfeldt, Claude Cahun, Edward Weston and El Lissitzky…

September 13, 2021 – January 30, 2022

The 10 most awaited art exhibitions in Paris in 2021 5
Lotte (Eye), Max Burchartz, 1928
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