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Where should you go to take the most beautiful pictures in Warsaw? Destroyed for 85% during the Second World War, the old town was rebuilt almost identically and preserves an architecture of the 13th – 14th century, while the center is much more modern with many skyscrapers. Warsaw is an architectural patchwork that offers a very good playground for photographers.

So what are the 10 most Instagrammable places in Warsaw? Here is my selection!

The Old Town Square (Rynek Starego Miasta)

With its colorful houses, this square located in the heart of the old town was rebuilt identically after the war. It is a typical Warsaw place and full of charm. Do not hesitate to integrate the statue of the Warsaw Mermaid in your compositions.


Zamkowy Square

A few steps away from the Old Town Square, Zamkowy Square faces the Royal Palace. The best place to take a picture is on the bell tower of St. Anne’s Church. There is an entrance fee (€2.5) but it offers a beautiful panorama.

What to do in Warsaw?
The 10th most beautiful photo spots in Warsaw 5

The Royal Palace in Warsaw

Take advantage of being on Zamkowy Square to visit the Royal Palace. Inside you will see richly decorated rooms and magnificent ceilings. Use a wide-angle lens to take the most beautiful pictures.

Best photo spots in Warsaw

What to visit in Warsaw?

Prepare your stay in Warsaw with my free travel guide! Must-see sights, good addresses, restaurants… Find all the tips to organize your trip in this article:

The Culture and Science Palace

If you want to take a high view of Warsaw, then go to the Palace of Culture and Science. This building built during the communist era is open to the public. It is possible to go up to the 30th floor (with an elevator, don’t worry!) to enjoy a 360° view of the city. Juggle between a wide-angle lens to get an overview of Warsaw, but also with a telephoto lens to isolate some monuments.

The 10th most beautiful photo spots in Warsaw 12

The Gdanski bridge

Slightly out of the way, this bridge is not very interesting for tourists but it offers a nice playground for photographers. You can play with the perspectives offered by its metallic architecture.

The 10th most beautiful photo spots in Warsaw 15

The polytechnic school

This school is a must see! The inner courtyard covered by a huge glass roof is bathed in light, it is a must see.

The place being not intended for tourism, it is however advisable to be discrete at the risk of having troubles with the guards…

The 10th most beautiful photo spots in Warsaw 16

The Łazienki Park and Palace

This vast 76-hectare park is populated with animals (squirrels, peacocks, ducks…) which will allow you to do (a little) wildlife photography in the middle of the city. But especially approach the Łazienki palace located in the middle of the park and play with its reflection in the lake water to sublimate your compositions.

The 10th most beautiful photo spots in Warsaw 19

The Holy Spirit Church

Located at the entrance of the old town, this church attracts the eyes with its whiteness. Try to take a step back and play with the surrounding streets to photograph it in the context of the city.

The 10th most beautiful photo spots in Warsaw 22

The New Town Square (Rynek Nowego Miasta)

This square, located in a part of the old town that is usually a little less frequented by tourists, offers a beautiful view of the charming St. Casimir’s Church.

The 10th most beautiful photo spots in Warsaw 23

The Holy Savior church

Unfortunately under construction at the time of my visit and covered by a scaffolding, the church of Saint-Sauveur has a particularly atypical architecture with two high towers. It overlooks a square that serves as a traffic circle for cars, so you’ll have to be clever or wait for the right moment to find an angle that will allow you to avoid having cars in the foreground of your pictures.

The 10th most beautiful photo spots in Warsaw 24

Map of photo spots in Warsaw

Find all these photo spots on this map:

Have a good trip and good photos!

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