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What are the exhibitions to be seen in Paris in 2020? If you like museums then you will be happy: there are nearly 200 in progress or to come!

To help you plan your next outings, I have listed in this table all the current and announced exhibitions of Parisian museums, with their start and end dates. And because there are not only the big museums in Paris, you will find nearly 70 establishments listed.

Tip: click on the title of the column you are interested in to sort automatically. It’s handy for discovering exhibitions that are starting soon or, conversely, those that are about to end and that you don’t want to miss! You will also find in the last column, the list of free exhibitions.

List of exhibitions in Paris in 2020, post-containment

The list below lists the new exhibition dates confirmed by Parisian museums AFTER the confinement.

Please note: some museums apply strict visiting rules (wearing of masks is compulsory, limited number of visitors with prior booking required, limited visiting time, etc.). Before going to a museum, make sure you find out about the visiting conditions applied.

MuseumExhibitionBeginning dateClosing dateFree ?
Bourdelle museumThe Strange Tales of N.H. Jacobsen16/06/202026/07/2020
Museum of Romantic LifeHearts of Romanticism in Contemporary Art16/06/202013/09/2020
Museum of the Liberation of Paris1940: Parisians in the exodus16/06/202013/12/2020
Balzac houseThe Human Comedy, Balzac by Eduardo Arroyo16/06/202016/08/2020
Petit Palais, fine art museumThe Power of Drawing - Masterpieces from the Prat Collection16/06/202004/10/2020
National Museum of Natural HistoryPrecious stones16/09/202014/06/2021
Luxembourg museumMan Ray et fashion23/09/202017/01/2021
Marmottan-Monet museumCézanne and the Masters, a dream of Italy02/06/202003/01/2021
Marmottan-Monet museumMartine Martine, tribute to Martine and Léon Cligman02/06/202011/10/2020
Centre PompidouMatisse, like a novel21/10/202022/02/2021
Giacometti FoundationSearching for missing works15/05/202021/06/2020
Guimet museumFuji, land of snow15/07/202028/09/2020
L'enseigne des OudinsThe Verame Phenomenon26/05/202003/10/2020Yes
Army museumLike in the '40s...17/09/202010/01/2021
Ordre de la Libération museum1940 ! Paroles de rebelles17/09/202003/01/2021
Musée de la Carte à JouerCartomancie entre mystère et imaginaire11/05/202007/06/2020
Atelier des LumièresMonet, Renoir... Chagall. Voyages en Méditerranée26/05/202003/01/2021
Atelier des LumièresYves Klein, l’infini bleu26/05/202003/01/2021
Lafayette Anticipations foundationRachel Rose25/05/202013/09/2020Yes
Jacquemart André musemTurner, peintures et aquarelles26/05/202011/01/2021
Espace Lafayette DrouotThe World of Banksy : The Immersive Experience12/05/202031/12/2020
Paris la Défense & Seine Musicale3rd edition of the Extatics26/06/202004/10/2020Yes
Maison Populaire de MontreuilI'm from nowhere good27/05/202011/07/2020Yes
Musée en HerbeSpider, Fireflies and Butterflies13/06/202028/02/2021
Petit PalaisThe Golden Age of Danish Painting (1801-1864)22/09/202003/01/2021
Nissim de Camondo musem61 rue de Monceau, the other Hotel Camondo17/06/202013/09/2020
Decorative Arts MuseumHarper’s Bazaar. First fashion magazine23/06/202004/01/2021
Decorative Arts MuseumThe drawing without restraints. Collections of the Decorative Arts museum23/06/202004/01/2021
Quai Branly museumA toi appartient le regard et (...) la liaison infinie entre les choses30/06/202001/11/2020
Quai Branly museumLes curiosités du monde de Françoise Huguier30/06/202011/10/2020
Palais de la Porte DoréeChristian Louboutin : L'Exhibition[niste]16/06/202004/01/2021
Orsay museumJames Tissot, l'ambigu moderne (1836-1902)23/06/202013/09/2020
Orsay museumAu pays des monstres. Léopold Chauveau (1870-1940)23/06/202013/09/2020
Palais de la DécouverteLove23/06/202030/08/2020
Cité des SciencesSpies27/06/202001/08/2020
Grand PalaisPompéi01/07/202027/09/2020
Centre PompidouChristo and Jeanne-Claude – Paris!01/07/202019/10/2020
Centre PompidouJeremy Shaw01/07/202027/07/2020
Centre PompidouGlobal(e) résistance01/07/2020January 2021
Louvre museumFigure d’Artiste (Petite Galerie)06/07/2020June 2021
Guimet museumFuji, snowy land08/07/202012/10/2020
Guimet museumCarte blanche to Ru Xiao Fan08/07/202021/09/2020
Picasso museumPicasso and comic booksEnd of July 202003/01/2021
Picasso museumPicasso poetEnd of July 202003/01/2021
Musée de ClunyInsights into everyday life01/07/202027/09/2020
Halle Saint PierreThe world according to Roger Ballen08/07/202031/07/2020
Henri Cartier-Bresson FoundationMarie Bovo - Nocturnes03/06/202023/08/2020
Henri Cartier-Bresson FoundationMartine Franck - Face à face03/06/202023/08/2020
Versailles castleVersailles in the comic books19/09/2020December 2020
Versailles castleHyacinthe Rigaud ou le portrait soleil17/11/202014/03/2021
Quai Branly museumLes Olmèques et les cultures du golfe du Mexique13/10/2020Autumn 2021
Musée de l'HommeI eat so I am24/06/202031/08/2020
Musée de l'HommeÊtre beau24/06/202005/01/2021
Institute of the Cultures of IslamBeliefs: making and undoing the Invisible16/06/202027/12/2020Yes
104Circulation(s) Festival05/06/202026/07/2020
Guimet museumCarte blanche to Daniel Arsham21/10/202018/01/2021
Guimet museumMarc Riboud, possible stories02/11/202001/03/2021
Holocaust MemorialThe voice of the witnesses14/06/202003/01/2021Yes
National Museum of Natural HistoryGemstones16/09/202014/06/2021
EDF FoundationCourants vers16/09/202031/01/2021Yes
Le BALThe Beast, a modern tale17/06/202023/08/2020
Musée de l'HommeLast meal in Pompeii08/07/202004/01/2021
Frac Île-de-France (le Plateau)Ben Russell, The Invisible Mountain17/06/202012/07/2020Yes
Frac Île-de-France (Rentilly castle)The cabaret of nothingness18/09/202016/12/2020Yes
Frac Île-de-France (le Plateau)David Douard, O' Ti' Lulaby23/09/202013/12/2020Yes
Museum of Art and History of JudaismJews of Morocco, 1934-1937 Photographs by Jean Besancenot30/06/202002/05/2021Yes
Palais de TokyoUlla von Brandenburg, The middle is blue15/06/202013/09/2020
Palais de TokyoOur world is burning15/06/202013/09/2020
Palais de TokyoKevin Rouillard - The Great Wall15/06/202013/09/2020
Palais de TokyoNicolas Daubanes - Oil and Water15/06/202013/09/2020
Palais de TokyoFutura 2000 - "Violent treasure".15/06/202013/09/2020
Palais de TokyoCarte Blanche to Anne Imhof21/10/202003/01/2021
Italian Cultural InstitutePaolo Pellegrin22/06/202030/09/2020Yes
BnF I François-MitterrandJosef Koudelka. Ruins15/09/202016/12/2020
BnF I François-MitterrandShowtime!22/09/202021/02/2021
BnF I François-MitterrandPascal Quignard, fragments of a handwriting30/09/202030/11/2020
BnF I ArsenalFor the love of books: the Society of French Bibliophiles 1820 - 202006/10/202006/12/2020
BnF I François-MitterrandThe invention of surrealism: from Magnetic Fields to Nadja17/11/202007/02/2021
Orsay museumGirault de Prangey, photographer03/09/202007/02/2021
Grand PalaisBlack & White: an aesthetics of photography12/11/202004/01/2021
Musée d’Art et d’Histoire de l’Hôpital Sainte-AnneUnica Zürn05/06/202026/07/2020
Louis Vuitton FoundationCindy Sherman23/09/202003/01/2021
Louis Vuitton FoundationIcons of modern art. The Morozov Collection24/02/202125/07/2021
Henri Cartier Bresson FoundationGrégory Halpern, Soleil cou coupé08/09/202018/10/2020
Henri Cartier Bresson FoundationSergion Larrain, London08/09/202018/10/2020
Custodia FoundationAnna Metz, eaux fortes07/07/202006/09/2020
Custodia FoundationSiemen Dijkstra07/07/202006/09/2020
Custodia FoundationStudi & Schizzi, Draw the figure in Italy 1450 - 170007/07/202006/09/2020
La Poste museumDream the universe02/09/202010/01/2021
Museum of 11 Conti (Monnaie de Paris)Akan, exchange values08/09/202028/02/2021

Is there an exhibit missing from this list? Feel free to let me know as a comment, I will add it with pleasure.

List of exhibitions in Paris in 2020

Please note that this list is indicative of the dates of exhibitions planned BEFORE the museums close as part of the fight against the spread of COVID-19. Several of these exhibitions have been postponed or cancelled.

MuseumExhibitionBeggining dateClosing dateFree ?
Musée du louvreLe Goût de l'Orient : Georges Marteau collectionneur30/10/201903/02/2020
Musée du louvreOfficier et gentleman au 19e siècle, La collection Horace His de la Salle07/11/201910/02/2020
Musée du louvreJean-Michel Othoniel au musée du Louvre25/05/201924/02/2020
Musée du louvreLéonard De Vinci24/10/201924/02/2020
Musée du louvreSoulages au Louvre11/12/201909/03/2020
Musée du louvreFigure d'artiste25/09/201929/06/2020
Musée du louvreAlbrecht Altdorfer, Maître de la Renaissance allemande23/04/202003/08/2020
Musée du louvreLe Corps et l'Âme, de Donatello à Michel-Ange, Sculptures italiennes de la Renaissance06/05/202017/08/2020
Musée du louvreElias Crespin, L'onde du Midi25/01/202025/01/2021
Musée d'OrsayDegas à L'Opéra24/09/201919/01/2020
Musée d'OrsayYan Pei-Ming, Un enterrement à Shanghai01/10/201912/01/2020
Musée d'OrsayLUX S. 1003 334.19/10/201919/01/2020
Musée d'OrsayHuysmans critique d'art26/11/201901/03/2020
Musée d'OrsayAu pays des monstres10/03/202029/06/2020
Musée d'OrsayJames Tissot24/03/202019/07/2020
Musée d'OrsayLéon Spilliaert (1881-1946)15/06/202013/09/2020
Musée d'OrsayAubrey Beardsley (1872-1898)15/06/202013/09/2020
Musée d'Orsay