Author: Antoine Vitek

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Every month, Culturez-vous presents a playlist of recently released tracks. In this 79th playlist, you will find: SLUMB, Kadebostany, Rone and Dominique A, Arman Méliès, Maude, Gaetan Roussel, Catastrophe, Carole Masseport and Jp Nataf, Chien noir, L’Impératrice, Blood Wizard, Rouge Congo, Massto, Olivier Marois and Eydis Evensen. Also find this playlist on Youtube, Deezer and Spotify ! Header pic : […]
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While waiting for the reopening of cultural places, Culturez-vous brings the museums into your home! After discovering the museums of Moulins and the Chagall exhibition at the Pompidou-Metz Center, let’s open the doors of the Victor Hugo House in Paris. For its first exhibition since its restoration campaign, the Victor Hugo House is honouring François […]